Managing Recurring Donors

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When a recurring donor signs up they will have an initial transaction on the day they register. Subsequent donations will occur on they day they specify starting the next giving period (month, quarter, etc.). Typically clients offer a choice of the 1st or 16th.

Where Can I Access Recurring Donor Account Information?

Go to the "Recurring Donors"
Select "Find/Edit Donors"
Enter donor information to narrow results. You can also leave fields blank to see all donors.

You can edit donor information by clicking on the Edit button next to their name. You can maintain the following:

• Name
• Address and Phone
• E-mail Address
• Credit Card Information
• Day of Month Donation Occurs
• Donation Amount
• Donation Frequency
• Donation Designation
• Start and End Date
• Notes

Can donors manage and review their gifts?

Yes. When a donor signs up for a recurring gift, an account is setup for them so they can login and manage their recurring gifts. They can view a history of their gifts and change their contact information. They can also update their payment information.

The username is their initial e-mail. The password is set the first time they login using the set/change password link. The login link for the control panel is: . Replace CLIENTURL with the directory of your donation page, e.g. .

How Do I Manage Expiring Credit Cards?

On the month a donor's card expires, we advance the year by one and run the transaction. Often, this will succeed. If not, the donor is e-mailed a decline notice asking them to login to their donor control panel, update their information, and run their failed donation again.

How Do I Cancel a Recurring Donor?

When a donor wishes to discontinue recurring donations you can enter the current date as an End Date if you wish to keep the record. Otherwise you can click the Del link next to their name to delete their record.

Reviewing Recurring Donations

Review the status of your recurring donations on a regular basis. The “Last Trans” column on the far right will show the status of the last attempted donation. The status should display “Success”. Otherwise you will see an error code.

To get more information on an error code click on the “List all transactions for this pledge” link.  You will see a list of all donations relating to that recurring record and the status of each donation including an error code. Errors could include expired credit cards, incorrect credit card numbers due to cancelled or lost cards, or declines due to insufficient credit. You will most likely need to contact your donor to correct the issue.

Editing Recurring Donor E-Mail

See Managing Emails and Receipts -> Updating E-Mails for how to update the e-mails recurring donor's receive.

Questions From Our Clients:

Q:  If a donor's transaction fails and they call me to replace their credit card, does the system automatically recharge their card? Or do I need to re-process their missed gift for that month manually?

A:  The donor should have received an e-mail telling them of the decline and a link and instructions for how to login and update their info. When they update their info, they have the option to pay the missed donation immediately.

Q:  Are Recurring Gifts Run Daily?

A:  Yes, we run the recurring gifts each day. That means if a donor's card was expired and they missed your standard processing day, you can schedule it to run any day of the month and then go back into the control panel to edit the day back to the standard day. Transactions are run by 4pm EST daily.

Q:  Is There a Way to Setup a Recurring Gift so the Initial Charge is Next Year?

A:  Yes!

1. Enter the donation and select the recurring giving option you'd like (monthly, quarterly). Be sure to use your own e-mail address so one isn't accidentally sent to the donor.
2. Upon completion, void out the just completed transaction so the donor isn't charged.
3. Find the donor's record in the control panel by going to Monthly Giving -> Donors and entering in the Donor's last name in the last name box.
4. When you see the donor's entry, click on the "Edit" link.
5. In the pop-up box, change the start date to the day before you want the recurring gift to start running, update the e-mail address, and click "Update". You will have to scroll down to get to the Start date boxes.

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