Creating Events

Amy -

To create a new event -> Registration Pages -> Add Page

  1. Enter Event information including Title, landing page URL, and intro text. Landing page URL is required. (Intro text can be a full event description paragraph)
  2. Customize the receipt and email language (text merge is available - see instructions at top of page you are editing)
  3. Select an event image which will appear at the top of the event page. You will need to resize if too large. Simply find a free online editor.
  4. Click "submit"

An event page will be generated and the URL provided. (You can add other options to the page using the Edit button in the Find/List Registrations page. See below for more info.)

Next, you should create a ticket. Click here for instructions for creating tickets.

To edit the first (aka landing) page where the tickets are listed 

Find your event in the Registration Pages -> Find/Edit Pages list and click on the "Edit First Page" button. The portions of the page that are editable will have a dashed border around them or underlining them. Click on them to activate the popup or inline editor.

You can only edit the first page when the Registration Page is active. When a page is retired, the formatting on the first page will not display correctly.

To edit the second (contact info and credit card) page, click on the "Edit" button.

Version 3+ only: You can add or edit 3 fields on the second page. The fields are Comments, Source, and Custom30. Comments is primarily meant for registrants to leave notes and Source is primarily to find out how registrants discovered your event. However, you can configure them as you see fit. Data from these fields will be in the database under "Notes/Comments" or "Source." Custom30 is available for your use. It will appear under "Custom" in the database report.

Version 3+ only: If you are sending tickets to the registrant, you can add the option to specify a shipping address. The address will appear in the database in the "Ship To" columns.

To edit the receipt and e-mails

Use respective Receipt and E-mail tabs. A portion of each receipt and each email is customizable for each event.

To return to the event page go to "Registration Pages" and "Find/Edit Pages"


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  • -1
    Laura Garcia

    Is there a way to have two payment options within one page?

    For example: - one for $75 for non-employees -and free for employees?

  • 0
    Kurt Hansen

    Hi Laura,

    Yes. You can have multiple payment options include a free option.

    Create a ticket for $75 for non-employees and then create another for $0 for employees. If a ticket has been chosen and the total is $0, no credit card information will be included on the subsequent page.

    Take care,

    Kurt Hansen

  • 0
    Teresa Adair

    I'm trying to add a photo to a team's page and either it's too small or too big. Please let me know how to adjust the sizing. Thank You!

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