Adding or Editing Tickets

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Add tickets to the event:

  1. Click "Registration Pages" or "PFP/Event-A-Thon" depending on what type of event it is.
  2. Click "Add Ticket"
  3. Select the Event you want to add the ticket to
  4. Complete form
  5. Click "Submit Form"
  6. To add another ticket click the link provided

Some Tips About Creating or Editing Tickets

  • Short description of ticket: Be sure to include because it will be used on receipt and e-mail as well as landing page.
  • Long description of ticket: This only appears on the landing page. Can be used to add formatting to the page. Also, this can be editted in place using the "Edit First Page" button from the Registration page listing.
  • Price: Enter price of ticket. Leave blank if you do not want to charge a price. If blank, no $ will appear in description.
  • Fair Market Value: will be used to calculate the donation. See below about how to include FMV calculation in e-mail and receipt.
  • Allow Registrant to Set Price - This is used primarily to allow registrants to make a donation in addition to or in lieu of attending the event.
  • Coupon code: enter short code that registrant will use if this ticket is to be used for a discount. Enter the amount of the discount as a negative number in the price of the ticket to set the discount amount.
  • Number of Available Tickets - your event will show as sold out when the number of available tickets drops to 3. This is to make sure the event does not oversell. If you want to close registration for an event, simply edit the number of available tickets to 1. Leave blank if no limit on number of tickets.
  • Position on Landing Page - This refers to the order in which the tickets appear on the registration page.
  • Data Fields - Each ticket can have up to 5 text boxes per quantity so you can collect information like t-shirt size, dinner menu preference, table guests, etc. (Version 3+ only): Increasing the quantity increases the number of rows of detail fields that appear. Also, the Data Fields appear on the landing page when item checkbox or quantity are chosen. For version 2, the Data Fields appear on the second page.
  • Must edit ticket to modify the number of columns of detail fields
  • Instructions for Data Fields - This is instructions to registrants for the info you want to gather.
  • You can edit the labels on the Data Fields using the "Edit First Page" button. Just click on the labels and an entry box appears. This label will be used in the database as well.

You can create as many tickets as you want now or later. You will be able to edit the tickets on the Registration Pages -> Edit Ticket tab.

The total fair market value of the purchase

This is put in a variable called TOTALFMV. The total tax deductible portion of a purchase is put in a variable called DEDUCTIBLE. Insert these variables in the e-mail as you see fit. Be sure that they are in ALL CAPS to have them substituted properly.

Adding a coupon for discounts

You can create a coupon or promotional code to give to people whom you want to receive a discount. A coupon is simply a ticket that has a coupon code and a negative value.

To create a coupon:

  • Add a ticket according to the directions above
  • Enter a code of your choosing in the Coupon Code box. For example, PROMO1. This will be the code to give to registrants to whom you want to give the discount
  • Enter a negative amount in the Price box. This is the amount of the discount.
  • If an event has a coupon code, a box for entering the coupon appears on the ticketing page
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