Uploading Tickets for Events, including Gift Catalogs and Auctions, via an Excel file

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You can add tickets to an event or items to a gift catalog or an auction in a batch by uploading an Excel file. You can download an example by clicking here. To access this feature, go to the Registration Pages -> Upload Tickets tab in your dashboard.

Summary of features:

  • All tickets and items can be set up using just one file.

Excel file requirements:

  • Must use Excel (.xlsx) format. If this is a problem, let us know, and we can research alternatives.
  • The file must have a header row at the top.
  • The labels in the header row must match our specifications. See below for details.
  • Column requirements and required labels (alternatives in parentheses) are:
    • Description: This is a short description of the item to be used on receipt and e-mail as well as landing page. This is a required field.
    • Price: Enter price of ticket. Leave blank if you do not want to charge a price. For an auction item, price is the opening bid.
    • VariablePrice: Allowed values are: yes,no, or leave blank. For Gift Catalogs or Auctions, set this to yes so folks can specify a gift amount or make a bid. For Events, this is used primarily to allow registrants to make a donation in addition to or in lieu of attending the event. 
    • FMV: Will be used to calculate the donation. See Adding or Editing Tickets page about how to include FMV calculation in e-mail and receipt
    • Categories: Set up categories for tickets to act as a filter. As of November, 2021, only implemented for Gift Catalogs and Auctions
    • Image URL: This is the web address or URL of the image you want to display with the item. It only applies to Gift Catalogs or Auctions. 
    • LongDescription: This only appears on the listing page. Can be used to add formatting to the page. Also, this can be edited in place using the "Edit First Page" button from the Registration page listing. 
    • Order: This refers to the order in which the tickets appear on the registration page. Use integer values.

The following columns are not needed for auctions. 

    • Goal: Set goal for Gift Catalog items. Not used for Auctions or Events
    • Quantity: Ticket will show as sold out when the number of available tickets drops to 3. This is to make sure the event does not oversell. If you want to close registration for an event, simply edit the number of available tickets to 1. Leave blank if no limit on number of tickets. Leave at 0 or blank for Gift Catalogs and Auctions.
    • DetailPerQuantity:  Each ticket can have up to 5 text boxes per quantity so you can collect information like t-shirt size, dinner menu preference, table guests, etc. Increasing the quantity increases the number of rows of data fields that appear. Also, the Data Fields appear on the landing page when item checkbox or quantity are chosen. Leave at 0 for Gift Catalogs or Auctions
    • FieldsPerDetail: If DetailPerQuantity is greater than 0, specify number of fields you want per item ordered. No more than 5.
    • DetailInstructions: These are instructions to registrants for the data fields you want to gather. They only appear if a ticket is chosen and DetailPerQuantity is greater than 0.  

For more information about tickets and options, go to Adding and Editing Tickets page. 

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