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The CharityWeb CRM is being designed to be an easy-to-use, simple CRM/donor database that has the features that are most useful for charities.

The donor database/CRM is in development and currently has minimal though useful functionality. Current clients can view their data at using the same credentials as for their dashboard.

CharityWeb can convert your transaction data into a donor database so you can view all your donors and see how they have interacted with you. If you would like us to to do this conversion, contact us at Once the conversion is complete, whenever a person donates to you or registers for an event, it will be automatically added to the CRM.

Please use the comments section to make suggestions on features you would like to see or bugs you see that need fixing.

Up vote features that you see mentioned so we have information on how to prioritize them.

While in development, the CRM is free. We are currently working on a pricing plan that will be dependent on the number of active contacts in the CRM. Below a threshold, it will remain free and then increase in price as the database grows.

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