Reset Button: Preparing last year's event for this year

Kurt Hansen -

When it is time to setup your event for the current year, use the "Reset" button on the PFP/Event-A-Thon -> Find/Edit Events on the same row as last year's event.


The Refresh button does the following:

  • archives last year's data so you have a clean event but the data from last year is still accessible,
  • creates a new event with the current year in the name so you can distinguish this year's event from previous years,
  • preserves the URL from last year so you can count on using it in marketing materials, in folks' bookmarks, and improved search results.


ONLY use the Reset button after the event has finished. Using it while an event is ongoing will archive the data so it is not displayed on summary pages, and none of those who have registered will be able to log in to update their pages.

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