Apple Pay and Google Pay in embedded forms

Kurt Hansen -

Apple requires that each domain be registered in order for Apple Pay to appear. We register the domain, but if the form is embedded, you will also need to register your domain.

The registration process includes creating a directory and uploading a file to the root directory of your server. Some hosting services, such as Wix, do not allow this. So, if you want Apple Pay or Google Pay as options, you will not be able to embed our forms.

Here's how: (Stripe recently updated it's dashboard and Apple Pay integration instructions. Below are the instructions for the new Stripe dashboard.)

  1. Login to your Stripe dashboard at Click on the gear icon on the top right nav to get to your Settings; if you hover over it, it will say "Settings." Then, click on "Payment methods" under "Payments."
  2. Click on "Eligible" column heading to see a list of payment methods. Apple Pay will be one of the options. Click on the "Configure" button on the right to open a new page.
  3. Click on the "Add new domain" button on the right and follow the instructions in the ensuing pop-up. It will ask for your domain, then allow you to download a file, and then host at a specific URL (/.well-known/apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association) on your server. For example, if your server is, the path is 
  4. Once you have put this file on your server in the proper location, you should see your domain listed under "Web domains." If you don't, make sure you used the right path. Note the the directory of folder you need to create starts with a period, ".well-known" not just "well-known".
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