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The GivingCode is a QR code that embeds a URL. A smartphone can scan it and go directly to the page. This makes it easier for folks to donate or register in a face-to-face setting or from a printed page using their own phone.

Combined with Apple Pay or Google Pay, your donors can make a donation in only a few taps on their phone.

For iPhones, the ability to read a QR code is now built directly into the camera app. Simply scan the QR code with your camera app, and the phone asks if you want to go to that page.

For Android, a QR reader is built into Google Lens which you can get to using Google Assistant.

Feel free to download the GivingCode for the page you create and add it to printed materials announcing a fundraising campaign or event. Also, add it to business cards so you can give to donors you meet who would like to contribute.

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