Uploading participants and teams using an Excel file

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You can register participants for an Event-a-Thon or Personal Fundraising Pages (PFPs) in a batch by uploading an Excel file. You can download an example by clicking here. To access this feature, go to the PFP/Event-A-thons -> Upload Participants tab in your dashboard.

Summary of features:

  • All teams and team members can be set up using just one file.
  • Teams are created when there is a Captain row in the file. If no Captain row, no team will be created. A Captain row is one with a Type value of Captain. (PFPs don't require Type column so this does not apply to PFPs.)
  • This makes it easier to set up Personal Fundraising Pages for a group, such as board members.
  • This is especially useful for school-based events such as walkathons. However, be sure that the privacy of children is protected by obscuring their names and using an e-mail from someone over 13 to manage the page.
  • Each row in the spreadsheet is a participant. If that participant is marked as a captain, a team is set up at the same time.
  • Signup e-mails go out when the file is uploaded so be sure to have your e-mails updated before using this feature. For Event-A-Thons, captains get "team" e-mail and members get "join" e-mail. For PFPs, all uploaded get "individual" e-mail.
  • Passwords can be specified in the file. Otherwise, participants can set passwords when they first try to log in.
  • A separate fundraising page for the Captain is not created during the upload. If a Captain wants their own page, they can join the team using the same e-mail and password.

Excel file requirements:

  • Must use Excel (.xlsx) format. If this is a problem, let us know, and we can research alternatives.
  • The file must have a header row at the top.
  • The labels in the header row must match our specifications. See below for details.
  • For events with teams, such as most Event-A-Thons, Last Name (or Name), EMail, Team Name, and Type are required columns and a value is needed for each participant. For events without teams, such as most Personal Fundraising Pages, only Last Name (or Name) and EMail are required.
  • Column requirements and required labels (alternatives in parentheses) are:
    • FirstName (First): The first name of the registrant. This is not required and can be included in the LastName (Name) column.
    • LastName (Last, Name): The last name or the full name of the registrant. This is a required field. If the full name is put into this column, it is best to label it as Name. Our software will parse the name based on spaces. If there are 3 parts to the name, the last two parts will be used as the Last Name and the first part will be the First Name.
    • EMail (E-Mail): The e-mail address for the participant. This is a required field. It will be used as the username for logging into the participant dashboard. It is fine to use the same e-mail for multiple participants. That one e-mail will manage all the participant pages and receive e-mails for each.
    • TeamName (Team Name, Team): The name of the team that the participant is joining or captaining. Required if the event has teams. Each team must have a unique name. The team name is used to create the unique part of the URL by removing all spaces and punctuation and putting the result in lower case. The team must already exist or have a Captain row specified in the same file for the participant to be added to the team.
    • Type: The type of registration. Required if the event has teams. Allowed values are Captain and Member. If Captain, a team will be created with this participant as the captain. Each team can have only one captain. If Member, this participant is added to the team specified in TeamName. The team must already exist in the event or have a Captain specified in the same file.
    • Password: Optional. The password for logging into the participant dashboard. If not supplied, access to the participant dashboard will be blocked until the participant tries to log in; they will be able to set a password at that point with a link sent to the supplied e-mail address. In general, it is best to not set a password unless for your own account. If the participant already has an account -- either from past participation in the event or because they are a recurring donor -- supplied password will replace their existing password. If left blank, password will not be changed.
    • Address fields, Address1, Address2, City, State, Country, PostalCode (Zip), are optional. Include them if you wish for your own reference.
    • Other fields, such as Waiver, are available for upload. Contact us if there are other fields you would like to have for your own reference.
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