Honor/Memorial Acknowledgement E-mails

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  • CharityWeb will send emails out to acknowledge an honorary or memorial donation if the donor supplies an e-mail address.
  • Clients can add or remove this feature from any donation page.
  • Clients can also design the honorary or memorial e-mails.
  • Donor will be BCC'd on the acknowledgement e-mail

To add or remove the feature from a donation page:

  1. Go to Donation Pages -> Find/Edit Pages
  2. Find the page you want to modify and click on the "Edit" button
  3. In the edit pop-up, choose "Yes" for "Include Honor/Memorial option on this donation page:"
  4. Choose "e-mail only" or "both" for "Honor/Memorial acknowledgement delivery options:" to turn the acknowledgement e-mails on. Choose "postal only" to turn the acknowledgement e-mails off.
  5. The first time you add this feature to a donation page in a particular directory, the new e-mails will be created. If you turn them off, they will remain so you can use them later and so any customization you have done will be preserved.

To edit and customize the honorary or memorial e-mails

  1. Go to E-Mails -> Find/Edit E-Mails.
  2. Choose each e-mail from the drop-down list. The honorary e-mail will be under Giving/honorary and the memorial will be under Giving/memorial. If you have added them to a donation page in a subdirectory, for example "donate", they will be listed as Donate/honorary and Donate/memorial respectively, with the subdirectory listed first.
  3. Edit the e-mails as you would any other. Note that the name the e-mail is sent to is in the variable MHLASTNAME, the person being honored or memorialized is in MEMORIALNAME, and the personal note left by the donor is in COMMENTS_1.
  4. You can also edit the Subject, Reply-to address, and the BCC for the acknowledgement e-mail.
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