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Donate is setup with a Default Donation Page for you to edit. You can add as many donation campaing pages as you'd like. Each page can be edited to have a unique URL, message, image, donation amounts, designations, receipt, and email. 

  1. Create a webpage on your server for us to insert our form in.  See instructions in “Update Wrapper” under the “Donation Page” tab.  Once live, the form will reside on our secure server.

    Click here to see these instructions in a video example

  2. Customize donation page fields like donation ask amounts, fund designation, turn off or on recurring giving and honorary giving, and customize up to three additional fields at the bottom of the form.  The field locations are set, you cannot move them.  This is under the “Donation Pages” tab.  You will want to edit the “Default Donation Page.”
  3. Personalize the online receipt (donor sees right after making donation) and thank you email (donor receives email after donation).  Select the “Find/Edit Emails” under the “Email” or “Receipt” tab and click on “Default Donation Page.”
  4. View donation data by under the “Reports” tab then select “Transactions” and specify the date range you are interested in.  To export simply click on the file format you’d like.  Options are listed just above the data.

To see an example of the page you need to create on your server, check out the file below:

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