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We can process PayPal Website Payments Standard as a payment option along with MC/Visa/Amex/Discover and ACH.  You will have to move the money each month from your PayPal account to your bank account -- we are not able to do that for you.  

When you are ready to switch over to the CharityWeb donation page, please make the following changes to your PayPal account so that donors are referred back to your donation page so the successful donation can be recorded, and the donor can receive your receipt.

General notes:
- Account must be a business account not a personal one.
- Make sure bank account has been confirmed so that money can be transferred out of the PayPal account easily.
- Make sure cash transfer limits have been lifted

1. Login to PayPal account at
2. Click on "My Account"
3. Click on "Profile"
4. Click on "Website Payment Preferences" (This link is under *Hosted payment settings** or Selling Preferences**)*
5. Make sure the settings are as follows:
a. Auto Return: On
b. Return URL:
c. Payment Data Transfer: On
d. Block non-encrypted Website Payment: Off
e. PayPal Account Optional: Off
f. Contact Telephone Number: Off
6. Click the "Save" button to activate these settings
7. Return to "Profile" Page if you are not already there
8. Click on "instant Payment Notification Preferences" (This link is also under *Hosted payment settings or Selling Preferences)*
9. Click on "Choose IPN Settings" button
10. Make sure the IPN settings are as follows:
a. Notification URL:
b. Make sure "Receive IPN messages (Enabled)" is checked
11. Click the "Save" button to activate these settings

12. Provide the following parameters to CharityWeb:
Secure Merchant ID
Identity Token

The Username (it's the e-mail address you use for PayPal) and Secure Merchant ID are listed at the top of the "Profile" section under "My Account"
Identity Token is listed under Payment Data Transfer as noted above.

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