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What are the Payment Processing Options?

Totally separate from your CharityWeb service and fees is your merchant processing. You have a variety of payment processing options.

Moneris USA
We partnered with Moneris in 2009 to provide our clients with a combined gateway / merchant account that guarantees them great rates and service. Moneris offers Visa/MC/Discover/Amex processing along with ACH processing.

Rates: $14.90 per month and 2.09% + .25 for standard Visa/MC/Discover
ACH Processing: Extra $7.00 per month and .25 per transaction (no percentage!)

Your Own Gateway / Merchant Account

We can add PayPal as a payment option to your payment forms. You'll need a PayPal Website Payments Standard account. There is no charge to add this option. Keep in mind PayPal cannot be used for recurring giving.

Can We Accept ACH/eCheck Payments?

If you are a Moneris merchant client then YES you can. We think this payment method is fantastic for recurring and large gifts since absolutely NO percentage is taken. Moneris charges $7 per month extra and just .25 per transaction. Our per transaction of .79 also applies.

How Do We Change the Name That Shows On A Donor's Credit Card Statement?

You will need to call your merchant account supplier (most clients use Moneris) and give them your customer ID number found on your invoice.  Moneris customer support is 1-800-471-9511.  Ask them to change the name that shows on the statement.  

Do You Have Any Tips for Completing the Moneris PCI Survey?

As a PCI requirement from Visa/MC Moneris is required to survey their clients each year. We realize this is an inconvenience — but there's just no way around it. We do have a few tips for you:

- Answer questions only from the perspective of what you do with your Moneris account. You may have other merchant accounts; act as if they don't exist for the purpose of this form, except for the one question in which they ask if you have other "acquirers." If you do have other merchant accounts, say yes here. One client we worked with did have other non-Moneris accounts and answered yes and still was certified with no scan necessary for the site.

- The result should be approval with no scan necessary of your website. If they say a scan is necessary, don't allow it; you likely gave a wrong answer. Let us know and we'll help you with fixing the answer. PCI Scans are hard to pass; the average non-secured website will fail.

— At the very end, Trustwave will require an "executive" to sign the form. What they want is someone with the authority to sign a contract for your organization.

- CharityWeb is PCI Compliant.

- The terminology has a tendency to assume you are familiar with credit card processing jargon. Terms that have come up and have caused confusion:

"Acquirer" means your credit card merchant supplier. In this case, it is Moneris.
"SAQ" means Self Assessment Questiionaire, the questionnaire you are filling out.


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