Transaction Data and Reports

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You are able to view and download your donation and registration data at any time.

  1. Click "Report"
  2. Select "Transactions"
  3. Narrow data by selecting from many options including: date range; transaction status; type; frequency; and by event or campaign.
  4. Click "Select Transactions"
  5. You will see the data. To download simply click on the format you want. Download format options are located just above the data table and are active links.

Select transaction data can be edited. For donations, the donor intent field can be edited. For PFP, Event-a-thon donations, the participant and the comments can be edited. Here is how:

  1. Find the transaction in the Reports -> Transactions report.
  2. You should see a dotted line under the Donor Intent value to indicate it is editable. Click on the value.
  3. A pop-up appears. Enter the new value and then click on the check mark to commit it to the database.
  4. Before downloading the text (ASCII) or Excel files, reload the extract to recreate the downloadable files.

The best option to see all the donations with the appropriate data is to use the "Donations" report. The "All" report is useful for finding a transaction if you know the name or e-mail. Once you find the transaction, you can determine whether it is a donation or a registration and re-run the report to get the appropriate data.

All "Registration" transactions come in on a registration page even if it is a transaction that includes a donation in lieu of or in addition to attendance. It has to be this way because data that comes in on a registration page is stored in a different way than data that comes in on a donation page.

Because the data is structured differently on donation and registration pages, the "All" report can't display all the columns properly with the right labels. That is why it is useful only as a search option to be followed up with a "Registration" or "Donation" report.

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