Manage Main Donation Page

Amy -

You can make changes directly in your control panel so they are instantly updated.

Go to Donation Pages -> Find/Edit Pages

Click on the blue "Edit" button next to the donation page you want to edit. A pop-up will appear.

In the pop-up, you can edit several portions of the page including:

Donation Amount - Simply enter new values or to add click the "Add Option" button

Donor Intent - Edit, delete or add content.

Intro Text - Edit the text at the top of the donation page.  TIP - keep this short and sweet!  

Include Honor/Memorial section - Turn on or off the H/M section.

Include Recurring Gift section - Turn on or off the recurring gift signup.

Add or modify custom fields - Comments, Source, and Custom30 can be added and edited.

Landing Page Image - Click "Choose File" to add an image to your page.

Don't forget to hit the "Update" button to save your changes.

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