Editing Donation Pages

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You can make changes directly in your dashboard or on the page itself while you are logged in. Changes are instantly updated. Some changes are only possible in the dashboard and others are only possible by navigating to the page.

For dashboard changes:

  1. Go to Donation Pages -> Find/Edit Pages
  2. Click on the blue "Edit" button next to the donation page you want to edit. A pop-up will appear.
  3. In the pop-up, you can edit several portions of the page including:
    • Donation Amount - Simply enter new values or to add click the "Add Option" button. You can add values that appear if a recurring gift is chosen.
    • Donor Intent - Edit, delete or add content.
    • Include Honor/Memorial section - Turn on or off the H/M section. You can also add automatic acknowledgement e-mails. See article for details.
    • Include Recurring Gift section - Turn on or off the recurring gift signup.
    • Add or modify custom fields - Comments, Source, and Custom30 can be added and edited.
  4. Be sure to hit "Update" button to save changes

For changes on the page itself while logged in:

  • You can make edits directly to the page as well, such as adding text or image at the top or below the submit button, while you are logged in. You should see an area with a dotted border. Click on it and an editing toolbar will appear. If you do not see an area, contact techsupport@charityweb.net to have us enable it for you.
  • Images should be optimized so they load quickly. Under 500K is a good rule of thumb. Images that are too wide or too heavy is automatically resized to better deliver the image over a mobile device. Alternatively,  image editing software on your computer is able to optimize images; exporting an image from Photos on a Mac is especially good at reducing size. A free site such as https://tinypng.com/ will also reduce the image size. (We use a professional version of tinypng.com to resize uploaded images.)


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