Adding a Registration Fee or item to purchase

Kurt Hansen -


  1. You can add a registration or other fee to the signup (team, individual, or join) pages by adding a ticket to your event. Tickets can be used for specifying t-shirt sizes or other options. There can be a price associated with the item or not.
  2. To add a registration fee, add a ticket to your event using the "PFP/Event-A-Thon" -> "Add Ticket" tab. For instructions on how to add a ticket to an event, go to the "Add Tickets to your event section" of the Register module by clicking here. (The method is the same.) When adding the ticket, be sure to choose your Event-A-Thon from the dropdown list. To identify which tickets have registration information, be sure to add a data field that has a label with "name" in it, e.g. Name, First Name, or Last Name. You will be able to edit the data field label after you create the ticket by going to the ticketing page and choosing the ticket.
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