Customize Slideshow Images and Default Appeal Text

Kurt Hansen -

1. Go to default team page: (If you are not logged in, you can go to to login. The team captain for the default team page is the same user you used when you created the event.)

2. Click on the "Edit Slideshow or Video" button to add pictures to the slideshow or use a YouTube video instead. To add images, click on one of the thumbnail images to activate the editor. You insert images or drag-and-drop them into the editor area. It is best to keep the pictures to under 1 MB and with a horizontal layout to fit best on the page.

3. Click on the text to bring up an editor tool bar and edit it as you see fit. Hover over the editor icons to determine function. This is the text folks will start with but will be able to edit once they set up their own pages.

4. Save your changes by clicking on the "save" (save) button. Clicking on the "X" icon will exit the editor. Changes are periodically auto-saved; you can use the "undo" icon to revert recent edits. The "undo" icon is revealed by clicking on the vertical ellipses on the left of the toolbar.

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