Create an Event-A-Thon or Personal Fundraising Page event

Kurt Hansen -

1. Login to your control panel.  Find the link in your setup email.

Note:  Your login will make you captain of the Default Team. As captain you can set the default slideshow images and default text. This will be true throughout the existence of the event so the user logging in should be the main person managing the event.

2. Click on the PFP/Event-A-Thon -> Add Event tab and fill in the requested fields.

  • Event Name - Enter the name of your event. (You can edit later).
  • Type of Event - Select type of event.  Event-A-Thon is for fundraising events like walks, runs, etc. with teams and fundraising pages for both individual and teams. Personal Fundraising Page campaigns only have individual pages. (You cannot change after creating the event).
  • Custom part of URL - This is where you specify the distinguishing portion of the URL. This is usually the name of your event (or a portion of it) with no spaces. Avoid using the year in the URL so you can use the same URL year to year.  If CWDemo had an event named Walk for Change it would be (You cannot change after creating the event.)

Once done, click "Submit Info" to create event.

3. If you have not updated your wrapper to match the look of your Event-A-Thon's page, do so now using the PFP/Event-A-Thon -> Update Wrapper tab. The process is the same as for updating the wrapper on the Donation or Registration pages.

4. Customize the initial page of your event. Navigate to it while logged in and click on the text that has dotted lines around it to edit the text. The initial page is one that will be at


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