Event-a-Thon Quick Start - Read before your first event!

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We're excited for your event! Fundraisers like yours not only raise funds and awareness, they also bring the community together in a special way. Please refer to our Zendesk documentation product guide for detailed instructions. This provides a general overview of the process.

Event Setup

We offer a free online training for Event-a-Thon so you can get a running start. Contact techsupport@charityweb.net to schedule. You can also get started right away on your own with the steps below. Please note once you are logged into our system all editable areas have a dotted line either around or under the area to be edited. 

  1. CREATE the EVENT - Go to "PFP/Event-a-Thon" then "Add Event." Avoid using the year in the URL so you can use the same URL each year.
  2. CUSTOMIZE MAIN EVENT PAGE - Our system will generate an event site with a stock background image. You can keep or email a new photo to techsupport@charityweb.net. You can upload a new logo, change the name of the event, date and add a description. You can change font sizes too. NOTE: If you have a web developer or designer and want to change this section, use the update wrapper option. This must be done before continuing setup
  3. CUSTOMIZE DEFAULT TEAM PAGE - Update "Default Team Page" with fundraising appeal text and 3-4 photos. You will find the link under "Find/Edit Events" and selecting your event. These images and the text will be the default on all team and individual pages. To use the photo editor simply click on the photo to replace and upload a new one.
  4. ADD REGISTRATION FEE - Only needed if you are charging a registration fee or collecting t-shirt information. Go to "PFP/Event-a-Thon" - and "Add ticket" link. 
  5. UPDATE EMAILS - There are 4 emails for the event - Donation, Start a Team, Join a Team and Individual signup. If charging a fee or collecting t-shirt info you can update the receipt as well. Go to "Emails" then "Find/Edit Emails" select your event specific email and update text. Do not change text in ALL CAPS. These are merge fields to customize your emails.
  6. TEST THE PLATFORM - You can add a team or individual and then delete. When ready to start your event, go to "PFP/Event-a-Thon" and click the "Make Live" button for your event. This will hide the Default Team from the team list. DO NOT DELETE the default team. If you delete, it will remove functionality. We suggest creating a new team if you want a catch all team for the event although the default could be used if renamed. Think of the Default as a template.
  7. FOR PTAs - If you are a PTA or other org adding teams and inviting people to join then go to "PFP/Event-a-Thon" and "Offline Entry" and select the event you want. Then click on the "Add Team" button. The teacher will be the team captain but the email address should be [schoolname1@charityweb.net, schoolname2@charityweb.net, etc.] Replace "schoolname" with your school. You will need a unique email for each teacher and this is the easiest way unless you want to enter the teacher's actual email address. Provide the class or group with the unique team URL. 

Event Management

  1. You can view transaction data in the "Reports" tab. Be sure to select type (registration or donation).
  2. To move participants between teams go to "Teams" and click "Edit" next to the individual you want to move.
  3. Once your event is up and running you might get some checks or cash donations. You can enter these in the "Offline Donations" tab.

A Few Fundraising Tips

Over one third of all online donations come from social fundraising so a successful fundraiser will utilize social media for signups and encourage participants to share, share, share! 

  1. Message to participants the importance of personalizing their fundraising page with their own message and even images. This will help them raise more as people feel more connected. 
  2. Encourage participants to share on social media! We can't stress enough how effective and essential this is for your event's success. Provide them with text suggestions for posts and appeals.
  3. Check in regularly with participants via email or phone (weekly or bi-weekly). Developing a relationship with team captains is especially important for ongoing success. 
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