Differences between PFP and Event-A-Thon

Kurt Hansen -

Not sure whether you want to create and Event-A-Thon or a PFP? Here are some things to consider:

  • Event-A-Thons are for active events, such as a run, bike ride, or polar plunge, that are organized by the charity to occur on one day.
  • PFPs are meant for stake holders to create a page around an event they are doing, a particular project they are supporting, or giving on a particular day.
  • Event-A-Thons have Teams with Members and Independents while PFP just has Independents. Teams have their own page with each Member listed. Each Member has their own page, and new members can join a team. Independents are for just one person or one group and has their own page. There is not option to join an Independent page.
  • PFP has a simpler registration form with only page name, registrant name, email, and password requested.
  • Various wording differences which can be modified.
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